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99 Congratulations to the Agility Pie !!!

Wow, cake is the best. She stuck with it and finished the goal for three and a half years to reach 99 agility! osrs gold I went to the party at the Brimhaven Agility Course. About 30 people were packed. Before she reached her level, I made it, and I have this great picture that makes her agile.

I’m just behind osrs gold the man in Yellow Cape and the cake is on top of the picture. After this celebration, we started to brew to celebrate a little bit more. I played a game, I really left it because I do not like the problems of brewing. I saw Pie, who achieved her goal and encouraged me to make wood. I thought my armbandy race would have helped me, osrs gold but he seemed to stop. My inspiration will probably die soon, but now it’s a woodcut from 87K to 93. Celebrate the cake again and pray for good luck while cooking!

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