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Guide to Golden OSRS: 3 skills to create money in the OSRS AFK system, which save your time(2)

2. Woodcut

Runescape Woodcutting AKF

Ahhh … this strong pine scent of every cheap osrs gold lumberjack sharpens their dragon’s ax. The woodcut print was issued on January 4, 2001. As with many resource-related skills, the logs you obtain can be used to train other skills such as running, shooting and construction.

So what makes AFK one of the best ways to create money for OSRS?

The opportunity to earn cash and experience while talking, relaxing or coaching on another account.

Great! But there is a catch in it …

… you need to know what trees give, what osrs gold you are looking for.

Because you want to know how to make money in the OSRS style, right?

Then consider the magic trees. Available at level 75, you’ll be almost 41M on your way to 99.

So where is the effective AFK point to slice?

Try Hosidius cheap osrs gold House. It is located in the southwest of Great Kourend.

Not only the bank ejects the log, you immediately receive an invisible osrs gold woodcut growth of +7. When you get in, just choose your magic tree. Hold your favorite ax firmly. And a swing with the powerful strength of Zamorak himself!

In a few minutes you will see how your ecological resources are exploding thanks to the pile of magical diaries. This method of AFK provides cheap osrs gold plenty of free time. Free time to browse OSR Reddit or get more gold OSRS today.

Think about how well you feel when you see that the cash pile turns green with minimal effort!

3. Fishing

Runescape Fishing AKF

Come on, grab your bait. Carefully cheap osrs gold unpack your powerful dragon harpoon. And slide into the stylish but salty fragrance of the angler’s costume. Because we’re going fishing!

Released on June 11, 2001, Fishing was provided by PVMers, PKers and, skillers, for almost two decades. So if you want to osrs gold start earning in the OSRS style, with almost 300,000 For an hour, read on …

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