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Guide to Golden OSRS: 3 skills to create money in the OSRS AFK system, which save your time(1)

Ugghhh … already at 23:30 ?!

Your eyes widen in disbelief.

You should rest, but why stop now?

All you have to do is collect 3 extra supplies. Knock osrs gold out two gears of herbs. Then take the last photo to secure this prestigious pet. Besides, tonight can be your lucky night, right?

Hurry to pack up your stuffed backpack and rub the amulet of glory again …

Do you want to get to know Old School Runescape the most dangerous enemy? It affects every player. You are on. It freezes your momentum like a powerful Arctic ice. This delays earning money at the pace of OSRS success with unmatched strength.

What are you asking about?


As you know, Runescape can swallow a few days. Between classes, work, family and friends, you feel that your play is cut short. And how could you not? This means less time for PKing with your clan. Less time for maximum statistics. Less time to fill your bank with money and rare money.

That’s why we provide you with proven cheap osrs gold methods of making money in the OSRS system. Yes, the same busy players, like you, use every day to save cheap osrs gold time. It’s OSK-style money in the style of AFK.

Are you ready?

Here’s how to make money in OSRS training on these 3 AFK skills.

1. Cooking

Runescape Cooking Making Money

If he is swimming, sprints or years – throw osrs gold him in the fire.

Released on January 4, 2001. Cooking is as recognizable as Runescape. It allows you to transform raw dishes into spicy masterpieces that heal your points of life.

You can say: “Like AFKable, like cooking, you can not gain, especially in 2018.”

However, it is not. Check it out…

Your profit is based on the player’s demand. Ask yourself osrs gold what products are popular with

Community? Why do they need this food?

Consider sharks

Imagine that we buy raw 1K sharks at a basic price (598 GP each). Now sizzle them through hot fire or range. Then sell your boiled sharks at the basic price (698 GP each).

You have gained 100,000 at this hour almost effortlessly!

Yes, of course, it’s a quick way to earn cheap osrs gold Runescape AFK money. You can even complete homework while cooking … if you think you are an experienced time.

Pro Tip:

Do you want to cook more and click less?

Try to cook in one of the popular locations:

Rogues Den Fire
Catherby Range
Cooking Guild (with cooking at level 32 and a chef’s hat)

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