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Theater of the Blood: What You Can Expect From Raiding 2(2)

Spectrum of reward

As you know, the task of the osrs gold oldest school that works hardest is to give the most beautiful reward. These incentives are no exception. Please check it, here is the reward, where public opinion poll was passed:

Blood Vial:

Blood ampoule OSRS Raids 2

Warning: Not for a weak stomach! It is used as the cheap osrs gold basis of the fortress and the battle card. To calculate Vitures Scythe, you also need an OSRS vial of blood.
Bastion potion:

Bastion Potion OSRS Raids 2

A powerful combination of range and defense capabilities. 80 Herb Bro brands must give you 155 xp. To make one, you need a blood, a cadantin osrs gold and a Zamorak wine.
Fight picture potion:

Combat-Searing Potion OSRS Raids 2

A delicious mix of cheap osrs gold magic and super defense potion. It takes 80 herb bites, gives 155 xp, uses 1 blood, 1 cadantine, 1 potato cactus. Crap!
Avernian handle:

Avernic Hilt – Raid 2

From the second age, Avernic Griff is a relic of the right precision. If you need over 70 attacks and defense, it’s an upgrade osrs gold for your Dragon Defender. Please use it for your Dragon defense team and turn it into a fatal Avernic defense.
Note: If you disassemble it, you will cheap osrs gold protect the guard, but your grip will dry up.
Sanguinesti staff:

Sanguinesti Staff – Raids 2

The rod of Sanguinesti, forged by Drauken himself, needs magic and it is necessary to order one higher than the trident of the marsh. How do osrs gold you make this staff special? We use three pedigrees per cast. In addition, the chance to suffer 50% damage is 1/6.
Ghrazi Rapier:

Grady Rapier – Raid 2

Razor sharp. Luckily, osrs gold deadly. And dominated by the legendary vampire general, Ghrazi Rapier is not for the weak. It requires 75 Attack Attacks, but it reflects the condition of the tentacle whip, but reverses the cut and stab wound. You will look like a dark crab shell in the armor.
Armor of Justice:

Armor of Justice – Raid 2

Fancy and Tanky, what do not you love? cheap osrs gold Justice was Saladomin’s right-wing warrior. Like a rogue murderer, they blinded their enemies with speed and strength, as did over 75 defensive armors. The entire set absorbs the damage of x / 3000 (x = your equipment defense bonus) based on your attacking style.
Note: Special effects do not work in the PVP situation.
Vitouls psychedelic

Vitouls Psyche (free) – two Vaisals Psyche – Raid 2

Lady Vertically entrusted to the god of the breathing vampire has this deadly sword. Why are weapons with 75 Attack and Strength weapons unique? It will attack three separate enemies at once.
Your first blow deals 100% damage. The second 50%. And finally reached 25%. In addition, these employees must osrs gold be billed for the maximum hit. What does it consume? 100 blood ampoules and 300 blood runes.
Shinhaza Shroud:

Shinhasa Shroud OSRS raids 2

Would you like to show the final number of your theater?

Upon successful completion of your raid cheap osrs gold you will receive this make-up point. And after successful in 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 you can improve its appearance to show your skills.

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