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TOP 5 The strongest boss of the old school RuneScape

As you love the game, you will spend a long time playing it. This is fun, but you might experience relaxing, and sometimes even the most skilled game veteran, you get bored in their favorite game. When this fifa coins happens, you can find fresh and challenging experience. Or I wonder if I made a fat bank? Whatever the reason, we will introduce the strongest creature in the TOP 5 of RuneScape Old School!

The strongest of OSR boss number 5: Xarpus

This monster is the weakest in the list, but it’s even more powerful than most of the ones you encountered in Gielinor. In 960 combat level, not too trivial. Unfortunately, Xarpus is also the last of them, it became the theater of blood in order to fight the daring adventurer. Old School RuneScape never thought never basically to be killed by the seed players …
Commitment: In the first stage, Xarpus tries to heal himself by digging out the skeleton lying on the ground. Surprisingly, the player will be able to temporarily stop the process standing on the excavated corpse. The second stage is where the action begins. Xarpus begins to attack the player’s strength, which he collects. It uses runescape gold the poison attack against the player. Lazy astronauts are almost no harm, but it is dangerous to stand them. As always, please avoid anything that the boss is thrown at you. In the third stage, which starts when the Xarpus is about 1/4 of the state of health, rather than spitting out something to a player, we turn our gaze to the corner with Arena, one at a time. The player should not be attacked from the direction of attacking Xarpus at the moment. Player brings a bad score.

The strongest OSR boss number of 4: Sotetseg

Another of the creatures runescape gold were found in the theater of blood, this bad dog (?) Of which is some trickster, a magician, has fallen in Hemarekemu. At the battle level is 995, Sotetseg’s encounter is more unique.
Commitment: Sotetseg himself does not physically attack anyone. Only waiting instead we have to attack the adventurers from a distance. Red projectile he fired must be protected by magic, a small gray bullet can block protected by missiles. As soon as you hit the red missiles player, it becomes a gray of the bullet, in the form of gray of the bullet crashing towards the other players. Failure to close these missiles, “rewards” that can not pray for 5 seconds. Sotetseg, occasionally launching a huge red projectile towards a player. Unlike in the case of the majority of the boss, please avoid this attack. On the contrary, adventurers, divided as victims, must be tied to a friend who is purposeful (sharing)! Otherwise, fifa coins friends will receive a lot of punishment. If the Sotetseg 2/3 and later 1/3 of the hit points (the complete HP 4000. you count yourself), cunning animal one of the adventurers randomly put in the area of ​​the shadow you. There there is an unhappy soul is necessary to compete over time. At the same time, to return to the, while he damaged the arena, follow the red dashed line of the path. The rest of the party, you have to do the same thing without the “normal” area and the portal. To induce the red whirls is fast running, they hunt red whirl, someone can become slow and damaged the whole party and or become plump.

The strongest OSRS boss number 3: Great Olm

Great White Salamander is the strongest (Combat Level 1043), it is the last boss of the old-school Runesukapu’s first raid,runescape gold which is Zakusa’s Chambers, is the Xeric’s ultimate weapon. The boss, the acid attack from the fire, crystal falling from the sky, it has a very wide variety of abilities. Great Oreum also kills you in every fantasy, Adventurer is best to do some research before you kill the animal.
Commitment: This is the boss of it a lot of things, it would be better to check everything in OSR Wiki. However, general rules apply here as well. Avoid special attacks and avoid falling from the sky! Not only the attention on his hand, they will tell you what the next attack is used by the Great Olmsted. There are a few of the rotation in its spell, but it will be randomized into various raids each looting itself does not change.

The strongest OSRS boss number 2: TzKal Zuk

Inferno by fifa coins Behemoth Schwelbrand, this is a mighty boss in the second Old School RuneScape’s combat level is 1400. Any kind of thing, a stone as big as a small one, is thought to be less liked for this reason, better a ranged weapon to have is good. Of course Twisted Bow is the best. If so, if you want to participate in the killing of the Giant of this Rock, you must buy Twisted-Bow from the First Attack, Chamber Xeric, or straight-out from the Grand Exchange. If you do not have a bank, do not worry, we cover you in gold cheap old school RuneScape. Hello Eric, he will move things.
Commitment: Search for shields in battle. The shield has a 600 point hit points, protects you from the runescape gold wrath of the magmas hulk. TzKal Zuk of the attack or you kill, but you and may not completely miss, RNG are those who can not be so prediction, it is not considered a sound strategic decisions. As a boss to seriously encounter both in real life and RuneScape, the TzKal Zuk It is very obedient to Toryo. These are Jal-Xil and Jal-Zek. Since these are your shield and the day to ruin, take care as soon as possible! Of course, with a low health status (240), TzKal-Zuk is desperate to grow and call more minions. But these things need to be attacked as soon as possible to heal him and stop his healing. After they get suspended, but they’ll use the AoE attack before them, if you know how to make a good shield by running it behind, it does not matter. To complete the inferno, which means that killing the TzKal Zuk is required to obtain the Inferno Cape required to do so. The big cape is probably Quest @ and the search for the service is one of many of the most important reasons!

The strongest OSRS boss number 1: Verzik Vitur

Perhaps the obvious runescape gold thing is, women’s theater in this vampire’s blood has claimed for a number of reasons and the first place. First, Battle Level (1520) of the final form is the best of all the monsters that live in the current Gielinor. Second, even her weakest form, she is still more powerful than most other bosses. And third, of course, she is the last boss of the new attack, she still has to escape boss of the strongest lance. How do you entertain viewers and adventurers?
Engagement: The first level is very simple. Player is the only weapon that Dawnbringer, working as a team harm to ensure, will run together as a unit behind the pillar to avoid their special attack. After the collapse of the mainstays of the damage, all players to the most efficient, it must be hidden behind a pillar. When they finally collapse, do not stay with them!
The fun begins in the second phase. In theory, this phase will be able to pass without harm, because concentration is required, since such cases do not do much progress, it is rare. However, the mechanics are very simple – attack, bomb, clear Verzik Vitur pet, and repeated. There is a variety of pet called Naroka, please note that these nairoka are different things. General Nairoka is a suicide bomber basically chasing the players should be avoided in the explosion when a lapse of a certain time you are nearby. Other Nairokas should be shipped as soon as possible. In the third stage, it combines a fascinating transformation of the previous two attractive elements and fifa coins Verzik Vitur own. She uses strong attacks to evade players, to summon pets (pests). The only new thing is to make the explosion of the orbit of diseases that damage the device, which has passed after a certain time, tangled. If you see us helping with friends, step-ins that have been trapped in it, it is he who will appreciate it in your reward for better performance!

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